Air Jordan 14 (XIV)

Air Jordan 14 (XIV)

The Air Jordan 14 was released in 1998/1999. This was the very last Air Jordan model that Michael would sport in NBA before his retirement. On January 13th 1999 Michael announced his retirement from the NBA basketball for the second and final(?) time.

Retired in style
The design was inspired by Michaels car, the Ferrari 550 M, and was made by Tinker Hatfield together with Mark Smith. A great stylish design and a great shoe for Michael to end his NBA career in.

This was the first Air Jordan that would feature laces with metal tips. Something that both the Air Jordan 15 (XV)‘s and Air Jordan 16 (XVI)‘s designs also would use.

14 = XIV
The Air Jordan 14 (XIV)‘s also begun the trend of having a number of things that would count towards the model# of the shoe. On the Air Jordan 14 (XIV)‘s each shoe had seven jumpmans; ferrari-like shield, insole, sole, back, 2 x lace tip and front. Counting them on both shoes makes it a total of 14 (XIV) Jumpmans.

Again, lots and lots of fakes/factory variants went to the market and color combos that were horrible were seen here and there.


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