Air Jordan 9 (IX)

Air Jordan 9 (IX)

The Air Jordan 9 was released in 1993. On October 6th 1993, Jordan gave the basketball world a shock when he announced his retirement from the NBA. This was just one day before Training Camp and it was not what anyone had expected at this time. The greatest basketball player of all time retiring at the age of 30. A decision probably affected by the fact that his father was murdered in North Carolina in the summer of 1993.

The shoe being released was plain and sturdy and was the first model that Michael did not wear in an NBA seasonal game (due to the retirement). The sole had lots of details and a large 23 was stiched at the back of the shoe.

There were also words in different languages on the soles of the shoes, this is what is said;

Right shoe:
dedie (french) – dedicated
fuerza (spanish) – force
intenso (italian) – intense
liberta (french) – freedom
anmutig (german) – graceful

Left shoe:
????? (russian) – sport
uhuru (swahili) – independence
??????? (russian) – freedom
athletisch (german) – athletic
muundaji (swahili) – ?????

There are also two Japanese words that reads “world” and “sport”.

Cleated air
As Michael had placed the basketball on the curb he decided to take on the game of baseball. A special cleated version of the IX’s was made and helped him in his Birmingham Barons baseball career.

The Air Jordan’s had not disappeared from the courts though. Known as player samples there were Air Jordan IX‘s being produced with not only #23 on the back, but with individual numbers for players such as Kendall Gill (#13), and Mitch Richmond (#2).


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